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Health Professions
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Moncrease & Associates, LLC has expertise in the health professions, health professional workforce, and disparities for over two decades.  Moncrease & Associates prides itself in being involved in addressing the leaks in the health professions pipeline beginning at pre-school and culminating in the successful matriculation through the health professional schools.  Moncrease & Associates staff has led the nation’s Health Professional Diversity Program overseeing more than $60 million in federal grants to health professional schools and programs across the country.  Locally, Moncrease & Associates, LLC has worked with the Detroit Public Schools, Learning Curves, Wayne County Community College, and Wayne State University School of Medicine to increase the number of health care providers from underrepresented minority and disadvantaged backgrounds entering into the health professions.

Health Policy
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Moncrease & Associates, LLC is an expert in the area of Health and Minority Health Policy.  Moncrease & Associates, LLC team has worked to develop and implement local, state, county, and national health policies.  Local policies include NEXT Detroit, the workgroup establishing the Detroit Wayne County Health Authority, Detroit/Wayne County Response to Hurricane Katrina and Detroit Allied Health Middle College.  State policies include Children’s Unmet Dental Need (Commonwealth of Massachusetts) and Decreasing Disparities in Pediatric Asthma (State of Michigan Department of Community Health). Nationally, Institute of Medicine (IOM) National Workgroup on Diversity and Disparities and IOM Committee on Understanding and Eliminating Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Health Care; Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Workgroup on Eliminating Health Disparities and HRSA Health Professions Education:  Diversity in the New Millennium.     

Health Strategies
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Moncrease & Associates, LLC has expertise in developing and implementing health strategies.  Moncrease & Associates, LLC has a team of experts in the field of strategic planning with over 60 years of experience. These experts include trained union negotiators, security advisors, educators, evaluation specialist, information technologist and more who come together to address the needs of the individual clients as well as corporate and government entities.  Most of the work of this division is confidential and protected by client/physician privacy rules, laws, and regulations.

Health Grants
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Moncrease & Associates, LLC has expertise in grant writing and reviewing for almost two decades.  Some of the grants Moncrease & Associates, LLC has assisted and consulted on include:  Wayne State University School of Medicine Health Career Opportunity Grant in the amount of $450,000 per year for three years; Detroit Department of Health and Wellness Promotion, Family Planning Grant, State of Michigan Department Of Community Health in the amount of $1.5 million.  The Detroit Department of Health and Wellness Promotion, Northwestern High School- School Base Health Center Grant via the State of Michigan Department of Education in the amount of $170,000 (maximum amount of award); and Detroit Public Schools Detroit Allied Health Middle College Planning Grant in the amount of $450,000 via the State of Michigan Department of Education.  

 Emergency Preparedness
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Moncrease & Associates, LLC has over 20 years’ experience in Emergency Preparedness including Health Resources Services and Administration (HRSA) Bio-Terrorism Workgroup (the original response to the 9/11 Attack on America); our work in emergency planning with NFL Super Bowl XL Warming Centers and with the Homeless; assisting with the designing and implementing the Public Health component of the Detroit/Wayne County Hurricane Katrina Evacuation Center; and with the Local Emergency Preparedness Center.  Moncrease & Associates has over 30 years’ experience in the Security Industry including our work with high profile entertainers and government officials; and 30 years in the Information Technology Industry. 


The Emergency Preparedness Division has taken these talents and experiences and transformed them into the development of two information management and logistic systems, the Rapid Drug Dispensing System (RDDS) and the Rapid Emergency Information System (REIS).  These two patented emergency response systems will save lives, improve the government’s response during a nationally declared disaster or emergency, decrease medical errors and cuts down on the cost of responding to an emergency or disaster (natural or unnatural).  RDDS and REIS are patented logistic information management systems that will assist local municipalities in meeting federal and state mandated requirements.

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