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Moncrease & Associates, LLC is committed to increasing diversity and increasing the number of health care providers in health profession shortage areas and in medically underserved areas.  Moncrease & Associates, LLC team has worked hand in hand with STEM and medical education pipeline programs from local school systems to Health Professional schools in the recruitment and retention of students of color and from disadvantaged background. 


The Moncrease & Associates, LLC team participates in career days, community health fairs, community health lectures and seminars. Moncrease & Associates, LLC has provided mentors, tutors, books and scholarships to high school, college, and health professional school students in need.  Moncrease & Associates, LLC also provides health care counseling to patients and health care providers.


Moncrease & Associates, LLC partnered with Children’s Hospital of Michigan in the Reach Out to Read Program; Wayne State University School of Medicine in the Reach Out to Youth Program; and the Detroit Department of Health and Wellness Promotion in the Detroit Youth Violence Initiative.

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