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What are RDDS and REIS?

The Rapid Drug Distributing System (RDDS) and the Rapid Emergency Information System (REIS) are patented Information Management and Logistic Systems that are invoked when a national disaster (natural or unnatural) or emergency is declared.  They were developed at Tech Town in Detroit, MI.  RDDS and REIS are insurance policies that every municipality needs but prays they will never use.  They will assist local municipalities in meeting federal and state mandated requirements during an emergency or a disaster.   RDDS and REIS will save lives, decreases mortality and morbidities associated with national disasters and emergencies.  They will improve the government’s response, decrease medical errors and cut down on the cost of responding to an emergency or disaster.  They share information across sites (silos) and generate up to date reports in real time. 

  1. RDDS will increase the probability that first responders (law enforcement officers, fire, emergency medical service, public health, and homeland security) and essential key infrastructure personnel (sanitation workers, water department, utility workers, etc.) will report to their work assignment during an emergency or disaster (from 60%to 80%).

  2. RDDS will decrease the distribution time of medications and vaccines including the COVID-19 to first responders and essential infrastructure personnel by 300% over the current emergency distribution plan. 

  3. RDDS will Guarantee first responders, essential infrastructure personnel get the resources and services they need when they need them during an emergency or disaster

  4. RDDS and REIS will cut down medical errors associated with mass and rapid distribution of vaccines and medications.  Errors associated with allergies, dosage, and frequency of vaccines will all be decreased.

  5. RDDS and REIS information management and logistic systems will generate reports in real-time on medication stockpiles; assist with tracking medication and supplies; as well as continually generate updated reports. 

  6. REIS will save lives; especially members of our most vulnerable populations such as the elderly, children, homeless, homebound, and residents of long-term residential facilities.

  7. REIS will ensure that we never have in your community what happened in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina where members of our most vulnerable populations were being left behind or forgotten.

  8. RDDS and REIS will deliver prophylactic medications, vaccines, water, food, personal protection equipment, etc. faster than the current emergency response system and decreases medical errors. 

  9. RDDS and REIS will identify fraudulent activities in the distribution of emergency medications and vaccines.

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