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Moncrease & Associates, LLC Founded in Detroit, MI to improve students matriculating down the health professions pipeline and to improve patient care experience. Moncrease & Associates, LLC Affiliated with the Detroit Department of Health and Wellness Promotion (DHWP). 

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Moncrease & Associates, LLC Affiliated with Children’s Hospital of Michigan Reach Out to Read Program


Moncrease & Associates, LLC part of the Detroit/Wayne County Response to Hurricane Katrina:  Recognized by FEMA as one of the best practices response sites in the United States



Moncrease & Associates, LLC Affiliates with the DHWP to take the lead with Super Bowl XL Warming Centers and with the plan for the Homeless


By NFL - Extracted from a PDF file on by Kalel2007 (talk),

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Moncrease & Associates, LLC affiliated with Tech Town SmartStart Program in Detroit, MI


Moncrease & Associates, LLC, the DHWP, and WSUSOM partner to create the DHWP Public Health Grand Rounds (PHGR).  The first university and city health department in the United States who’s Grand Rounds is run out of a city health department as oppose to the university.


Moncrease & Associates, LLC, partners with Learning Curves.  Learning Curves is a Detroit based organization directed at tutoring middle and high school students in the STEM areas.


Moncrease & Associates, LLC Create and Developed the Rapid Drug Dispensing System and the Rapid Emergency Information System Prototype at Tech Town in a storage closet.


DHWP PHGR is the only Public Health Grand Rounds in the nation that is delivered through three (3) medias:  Live lecture series, video streaming, and Cable Television


Moncrease & Associates, LLC affiliated with Tech Town’s FastTrac Program


 Moncrease & Associates, LLC relocates its Research and Development Laboratory from Tech Town to the historical site of the State Savings Bank Building located at 151 Fort Street (at the corner of Shelby and West Fort Streets) in Detroit, MI.  This Detroit landmark was designed by Stanford White, on the ground where, on Jul 11, 1796, was enacted the closing scene of the War of Independence - the evacuation of Fort Lernoult by British troops.


Moncrease & Associates, LLC Supervised H1N1 Vaccination Clinic at the Detroit DHWP


DHWP holds two (2) Town Hall Meetings on the H1N1 Pandemic for health care providers and for community residents


Moncrease & Associates, LLC affiliated with Accession Health Care Enterprising Health Program.  


Moncrease & Associates, LLC affiliated with the establishment of the Detroit Middle College Program


Moncrease & Associates, LLC affiliated with the Detroit Youth Violence Initiative


DHWP PHGR partners with the University Of Michigan School of Public Health to do live Webinars (a fourth media).  The topics included “Immunizations” and “African American Male Health”


Moncrease & Associates, LLC was awarded United States Patent for RDDS and REIS.


Moncrease & Associates, LLC affiliated with the Detroit MOTTEP Foundation and the Gift of Life Michigan Advisory Board takes the lead in the education campaign for “Informed Consent”


Moncrease & Associates, LLC Research and Development Division merged with Ocular 3 LLC, to update RDDS and REIS


Moncrease & Associates, LLC create and develop the “Legacy of the Black Hospital and Departments in the United States” Traveling Exhibit and Lecture Series



Moncrease & Associates, LLC Reorganized


Moncrease& Associates, LLC partner with Barbara Herrod with a STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) Program at Wayne State University for high school students


Moncrease & Associates, LLC partners with WSUSOM, Schoolcraft Community College, and Wayne State University to create the MCAT Prep Training Program


Moncrease & Associates, LLC Updates RDDS and REIS to meet the Noval Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic


Moncrease & Associates, LLC rolls out RDDS and REIS

Moncrease & Associates, LLC Telehealth Division established


Noval Coronavirus 2019.

From:  Coronavirus and COVID-19: What You Should Know. Webmd

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